Real Techniques

Real Techniques - Face And Brow Razors Kit

QAR 120,00

Real Techniques Face And Brow Razors Kit includes three dual-ended razors to remove unwanted facial hair and shape eyebrows. On one end of the razor, there is a larger blade that gently and effectively removes hair without pulling or irritating the skin. Additionally, it removes dead skin cells leaving you with a soft complexion. On the other end, there is a small, angled blade that allows for precise shaping and grooming of the brows. Moreover, they are made with high-quality stainless steel blades and are easy to use and clean. Moreover, they have slim handles, easy to hold. Lastly, they are also compact and portable which makes them ideal for use at home or while traveling. These vegan razors come with caps to protect them and are reusable. Hence, replace them every two to three uses.


  • Contains: three dual-ended razors;
  • Razors per blade head: one;
  • Blade head features: dual-ended razors with a larger blade and a small blade;
  • Handle features: slim handle, easy to grip;
  • Shaves per razor: two to three;
  • Disposable.

How to use

Use Real Techniques Face And Brow Razors Kit at night, on previously a clean and dry face, every two to four weeks. Firstly, for all-over facial hair removal and exfoliation, take the larger blade and use it with small and downward motions across the face. Then, for brow definition, take the smaller blade and use it with small downward motions near the eyebrow. Then, carry on with your skincare routine.