Refund & Returns

We currently accept the following payment modes upon registering purchase orders on our website:
• Cash on Delivery
• Credit Cards.
The cash on delivery is the only payment option available for orders that are registered through our customer service (call center) of our website.
We reserve the right to reject the orders without incurring any obligation if we believe that the payment is unauthorized or from an invalid payment method.
Mhalaty policy provides that we cannot refund any of the amounts that the customer pays by using any of the payment methods upon purchasing through the website, but in the event of any defect in the product or lack of product, the product received was corrupted or damaged when received by the customer, it shall be replaced by a new product without any delivery or shipping charges.
Upon receiving of the order if it is damaged or different from what has been requested, you can contact us to replace it with the correct order. The wrong order must be returned in the same condition as it was received within 3 days from the date of order to be replaced.
To replace the damaged product, the original or the order invoice printed from the email must be attached so that the replacement can be completed.
If the damaged or destroyed product becomes unavailable in our stores, the customer will be contacted by the company via the email or call to choose to refund full amount or replace it with another product.
Any product can be replaced with another product at the same price or higher (where no money can be refunded) within 14 days of receipt of the order, under the following conditions:
The products shall be completely unused and intact in the form in which they were received without damage or otherwise.
• The goods shall be in their original packaging with all accessories.
• The original delivery invoice must be attached or printed from the email.
• Please observe the condition of the cover of any product to be replaced, where the product shall be received and inspected by the company before replacing it to ensure that all conditions are met.
• We reserve the right to pursue replacements and reject orders from customers who have a significant repetition of replacement of the products.
• When replacing of any product without any errors from our part, the customer shall pay the delivery or shipping cost.
• Due to some restrictions and some health reasons, these products cannot be replaced:
- Cosmetic products.