Real Techniques - Enhanced Eye Set

Real Techniques - Enhanced Eye Set

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Real Techniques Enhanced Eye Set is a makeup kit that contains all the tools required to perform any eye look, including a brush cup to keep the brushes organized. With synthetic bristles, these brushes are soft and easy to clean, suitable for both cream and powder formulations. Use the 308 Medium Shadow brush - the wider brush - to apply the base color all over the lid. Then, use the 310 Essential Crease brush- with a tapered design - to define the crease and shape the eyes. In order to pack and evenly distribute the color, use the 307 Shading brush. To add drama to your look, use the 311 Fine Liner brush to create a natural or an intense and catchy wing liner. To finish your look, use the 312 Lash Separator brush to lightly comb and separate your lashes for maximum definition.


  • Good for: applying and blending eyeshadow, applying eyeliner, combing and separating the eyelashes;
  • Presentation: long purple handle with synthetic bristles.

How to use

Use the Real Techniques Enhanced Eye Set to create natural or intense eye looks. You can use the 308 Medium Shadow brush, the 307 Shading brush and the 310 Essential Crease brush to apply and blend the eyeshadows, with circular, patting as well as back and forth motions. The 311 Fine Liner brush has the ideal shape to define and line the eyes. Use the brush on its side and drag across the lid to draw the perfect line. Comb the lashes with the 312 Lash Separator brush, combing downwards to further separate the lashes after applying mascara.

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