Ciate - Emerald Collection

QAR 100,00

This iconic shade embodies all things elegant and luxe, and has been used to give a twist to the hero textures from the Ciate range: Sequin, Velvet and Caviar. That's right, you can now create three of the most iconic nail texture tricks with one kit! The collection comes with a full size Ditch the Heels Paint Pot, which is accompanied by a Velvet Shaker in Chauffeur, a pot of Sequins in Penthouse, and an extra special Emerald Caviar Blend in Ball Gown. A funnel, little black brush and mini tray are all included to keep your mani extra tidy. Contains: Ditch the Heels Nail Polish (13.5ml), Green Crushed Velvet (8.5g), Penthouse Sequin Pot (10g), Ball Gown Emerald Caviar Blend (20g), a Funnel, a Little Black Brush and a Mini Tray.



Working one nail at a time, apply two coats of polish onto the nail. Then it's time to pick your embellishment! For the Caviar effect, sprinkle the caviar pearls onto the painted nail, ensuring you do this whilst the nails are still wet. Once fully covered, gently press and compact the caviar pearls into your nail bed to ensure durability, no top coat required. For the Velvet effect, sprinkle a generous helping of crushed velvet across the wet nail until it is thoroughly covered. Brush off excess velvet with the little black brush included in your kit, no top coat required. For the Sequin effect, while the nail is still wet, gently roll the finger into your pot of sequins, ensuring the entire nail is coated. Brush off excess sequins with the little black brush included in your kit, then seal in the sequins with a clear topcoat.