Vera Mona - Cake & Bake Beauty Sponge

Vera Mona - Cake & Bake Beauty Sponge - Mhalaty

Vera Mona - Cake & Bake Beauty Sponge

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"Cake and Bake" is a one-of-a-kind beauty sponge that can be used wet, or dry, for full face makeup application, baking, and setting. "Cake and Bake" is reusable and can easily be cleaned and sanitized with warm water, and your favorite cleaning solution, or soap.

A reusable makeup sponge with two sharp cut edges for precise and flawless makeup application. 

What it does:
Cake and Bake is a reusable sponge that has a unique design featuring two sharp, flat-cut edges, which are perfect for full-face makeup application of concealer, foundation, or baking and setting products.

What else you need to know:
Cake and Bake is reusable and should be washed frequently with a favorite soap and cold water. Squeeze excess water out and lay flat to dry in an open area.

This product is not tested on animals.

How To Use :

-Completely saturate Cake and Bake with water, squeezing excess liquid. 
-Pick up powder or liquid makeup with the top or bottom flat cut edges. 
-Apply makeup by pressing Cake and Bake on to desired area of the face in dabbing motion. 

-When washing Cake and Bake ensure that it dries in an open area to let it fully air out and dry. 

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