Truly - Super Fierce

QAR 280,00

A little pre-shave prep to be the star of the show. Super Fierce Pre-Shave Serum is formulated with ultra-nourishing marula oil and anti-inflammatory squalene to help hydrate, soften hair follicles, up skin’s natural radiance, and secure a super smooth razor glide.

Potent watermelon extract is rich in vitamin C, amino acids and lycopene - making it a powerful source of nourishment + shine for dull, sun-damaged, or antioxidant-deprived skin.
The high amount of vitamin C in strawberries protects against UV damage while evening lightening stubborn dark spots + hyperpigmentation.

Anti-inflammatory, Brightening, Anti-Aging

How to Use:
Before shaving, apply a generous amount of serum directly to skin as needed. Rub in gently, using firm, broad strokes until the serum is fully absorbed.