Makeup Eraser

The Makeup Eraser - Chic Black

QAR 100,00

#1 reusable makeup removal system in the world. Erase all your makeup with The Original MakeUp Eraser and water! Erases waterproof mascara, eyeliner and foundation. The MakeUp Eraser is also reusable, machine washable and will last you 3-5 years. Trusted by beauty blogger and vloggers around the world!

Rethink the way you cleanse with MakeUp Eraser. These soft cloths made from super-fine specially knitted microfiber will remove even the most stubborn make up with little help of water. That's it, no soap or cleanser needed. Fab for everyday cleanse and great to pack and take away with you.

This fabulous cleansing cloth from MakeUp Eraser will make your cleansing routine an absolute bliss.

No cleanser needed to remove even the toughest and waterproof make-up, water and your MakeUp Eraser is all you will need.

Greatest hits:

  • Made from super-fine specially knitted microfiber
  • Suitable for all skin types even sensitive and problem skin. It is not drying or abrasive. No need for harsh chemicals or soap on problem skin. It removes bacteria on your face and in your pores without affecting the skins natural acid mantle. The long nap side will deep cleanse your pores.
  • No need for a separate eye makeup remover, no residue on your pillow or towels.
  • Washable. Put in your normal wash cycle with other items.
  • Softer than a washcloth, you will not find anything else as natural and effective as the MakeUp Eraser.