Smiley Face Breakfast Mold

Smiley Face Breakfast Mold - Mhalaty

Smiley Face Breakfast Mold

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This delightful silicone breakfast mold is a sure-fire way to start your morning off with a smile. This happy little mold turns pancake batter or scrambled eggs into a whimsical smiley face that makes a tasty meal. One bite, and sure to crack a smile of your own.


To use it, simply place the mold onto your pan, and pour your egg or batter mix inside the mold. Once your batter or eggs becomes a little more solid, you can remove the mold, and you're left with a giant smiley face to brighten your day as you slam down your breakfast.


- Allows you to create shaped fried eggs

- Heat-safe, unless thrown into the sun

- Made of food-safe silicone

- Hand wash

- Dimensions: : 6.3⬝ (L) x 5.3⬝ (W) x 1.5⬝ (D)

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