Real Techniques - Eye Sparkle Makeup Brush & Skincare Set

Real Techniques - Eye Sparkle Makeup Brush & Skincare Set

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Real Techniques Eye Sparkle Makeup Brush & Skincare Set offers nine makeup brushes and skincare tools specifically for the eyes, for applying eyeshadows, eyeliners, and eye creams. The perfect gift set to brighten your eyes!

  • Real Techniques 302 Crease Prep Brush x1
  • Real Techniques 304 Defining Crease Brush x1
  • Real Techniques 311 Fine Liner Brush x1
  • Real Techniques 332 Smudge Brush x1
  • Real Techniques Undereye Shields x2
  • Real Techniques 102 Mini Undereye Reviver x1
  • Real Techniques 307 Shading Brush x1
  • Real Techniques 321 Full Coverage Eye Brush x1
  • Real Techniques 313 Definer Brush x1

Real Techniques 302 Crease Prep Brush is an angled brush with dense bristles that evenly applies cream and powder shadows. Given its angled shape, it fits the crease perfectly and is great especially for blending. So this brush is the perfect first step to prepare the crease. Then follow with the Defining Crease Brush.

Real Techniques 304 Defining Crease Brush has a long and pointed shape with ultra-tapered bristles. In this way, this brush offers great flexibility and precision and is perfect for easily blending cream and powder shadows.

Real Techniques 311 Fine Liner Brush has a pin, pointed shape that allows a precise application. Then, the fine, tapered bristles allow a crisp application. As a result, this burhs creates precise and fine lines with liquid and gel eyeliners.

Real Techniques 332 Smudge Brush is ideal to blend and blur liners and shadows along the lash line. For this purpose, it has a compact and domed shape that grants a concentrated application. Meanwhile, the short and dense bristles are great for smudging. Therefore, this brush helps diffuse powder, cream, or gel. 

Real Techniques Undereye Shields are silicone shields that enhance the efficacy of skincare products. Just apply them over your eye cream on the eye contour area, and this will help lock in moisture as well as enhance the absorption of the product. Additionally, it is also a great product to help with eye makeup. Just place them under the eyes to catch any makeup fallout. In this way, you'll get a flawless look with no effort.

Real Techniques 102 Mini Undereye Reviver is a multipurpose aluminum stationary. Especially for the eye area, it helps to apply eye creams or serums while providing a cooling and soothing effect at the same time. Experience a moment of self-care with this beauty tool that will for sure upgrade your skincare routine. It truly revives the under-eye reviver and thus helps reduce under-eye puffiness!

Real Techniques 307 Shading Brush works to intensify coverage or build color intensity. And for that, this brush has a pinched, domed, cut shape with short and dense bristles for precise application. It is suitable for cream or powder makeup. As a result, it delivers a pop of color with maximum coverage and intensity that brings out the eyes. 

Real Techniques 321 Full Coverage Eye Brush has a dome and plush head. It helps to evenly apply and blend eye makeup whether cream or powder. It delivers full coverage all over the lid.

Real Techniques 313 Definer Brush has the perfect shape for eyeliner application! That said, this brush has a thin and slanted shape that perfectly fits the lash line. Then, the firm and densely packed short bristles grant an even application. This brush is, therefore, ideal for controlled application, allowing to create a flawless cat eye or geometric lines with cream or liquid liners. Your eyes will be the center of attention with this daring look.

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