Real Techniques

Real Techniques - Au Naturale Makeup Brush Kit

QAR 350,00

Real Techniques Au Naturale Makeup Brush Kit contains nine brushes that allow you to enhance your features. In fact, it includes RT 219, a powder brush, RT 220, a light layers complexion brush, RT 250, a primer brush, RT 223, a concealer brush, RT 307, a shading brush, RT 428, a fan brush, RT 321, a full coverage brush, RT 304, a defining crease brush, and RT 326, a flat liner brush. Furthermore, these brushes are vegan and made of UltraPlush™ synthetic hand-cut bristles. Moreover, they are extremely versatile and work with liquids, creams, or powders. In the end, this kit is all you need to achieve a great look.


  • Good for: applying and blending liquid, cream or powder makeup products;
  • Presentation: nine rose gold brushes.

How to use

Use each brush of the Real Techniques Au Naturale Makeup Brush Kit accordingly to your needs. For instance, with the primer brush, apply serums, moisturizers, and primer to create a base. Then, take the concealer brush to conceal any imperfections. Use the light layers complexion brush and apply foundation. With the fan brush, apply a highlighter across the cheekbones and brow bones. Next, using the shading brush, apply eyeshadow to the eyelid and with the lash liner brush apply eyeliner to the lash line.