Pattern Beauty

Pattern Beauty - Scalp Serum

QAR 230,00

Soothe, cool & calm your roots with our invigorating Scalp Serum. Slightly tingly & super hydrating, this dermatologist-tested hair serum will give your irritated scalp a sense of relief from tight styles as its essential elements sink into your hair follicle. Formulated with ingredients including Peppermint, Rosemary & Lavender oils to stimulate your senses, our scalp serum is a universal must-have—from protective styles to locs to full out curls. Fragrance: Tracee picked this mix of essential oils to be invigorating & refreshing. Notes are a calming mix of rosemary, peppermint & lavender.

Invigorate and calm your itchy scalp regardless of hair type or hair density. Our scalp serum is made for every hair pattern. Trust us, this soothing hair serum will have your curly hair, coilies and tight textures thanking you for your newfound scalp health and relaxation.

Section wet hair or dry hair & apply to scalp. Massage in for added relief.