Patrick Ta - Monochrome Moment Silky Lip Crème - She's Confident

QAR 255,00

Patrick Ta’s Monochrome Moment – Silky Lip Crème is a dreamy hybrid liquid lipstick that coats your kisses in an ultra-creamy layer of rich pigment. With full-bodied coverage from the first stroke, the doe-footed applicator glides effortlessly over your lips, clinging to the curves and accentuating your natural shape with a flawless velvet finish. Formulated with advanced silicone elastomers, hyaluronic filling spheres and a soft powder blend, the silky cream evens and levels the texture of your lips for gloriously smooth kisses, while softening esters and nourishing emollients deliver lasting creamy moisture and a flexible cross polymer blend ensures your finish never smudges or bleeds. Choose between four utterly incredible hues: pink nude ‘She’s Unapologetic’, rich chocolate ‘She’s Independent’, brick red ‘She’s Secure’ and warm chestnut ‘She’s Confident’.