Pacifica - Coconut Cream Body Lotion

QAR 140,00

Packed full of naturally derived ingredients to hydrate your body from tip to toe, the Coconut Cream Body Lotion is a potent, quick-absorbing moisturiser that will leave your limbs silky-soft and effortlessly radiant.

A gorgeously tropical addition to your body care routine, this nourishing formula has a soft coconut and vanilla scent to help de-stress your mind by transporting it to a sun-soaked beach (yes, please!). It's packed with sunflower oil to moisturise, arnica extract and coconut water to relieve inflammation and irritation (exceptionally relaxing after a long day on your feet) and antioxidant-rich sea kelp to soften skin. Trust us, this nourishing formula is almost as good as holiday.

How to Use:

Massage onto your clean skin until fully absorbed.