Ouai - Three Ouai Kit

Ouai - Three Ouai Kit

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The Three OUAI Kit unites some OUAI's bestselling formulas in mighty but mini forms - making it perfect for taking away on holiday or adding to your gym bag.

OUAI's Wave Spray grants gorgeous separation and flexible hold while perfuming your hair with its heavenly citrus and floral scent. If you want enviable 'French girl' bed-hair texture, this'll do it. Next, allow the Detox Shampoo to handle dandruff, flakes and residue once and for all (it's ideal for anyone who loves styling products and dry-shampoo). Starring apple cider vinegar, it's crammed with hard-working chelating agents which help to remove the stubborn hard water deposits and impurities that sit in our strands - all while exfoliating and caring for your scalp too. Last but not least, the nourishing and strengthening Leave In Conditioner, designed to hydrate, condition, detangle and protect your locks with just a few spritzes. Hair flicks, incoming!


Wave Spray: shake it up. Mist damp or dry hair from root to tip for easy, undone texture and enhanced natural waves. Or, just hit the roots for extra volume.

Detox Shampoo: wet hair, then lather up and rinse clean. Pair with our conditioner for the best hair of your life.

Leave In Conditioner: mist lightly throughout damp hair prior to brushing and/or heat styling for added conditioning, thermal protection and control.

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