Ouai - Scalp Serum

QAR 370,00
Helps support the appearance of thicker, healthier hair. Featuring Adaptogens like Arctic Root, Siberian Ginseng, and Chaga Mushroom combined with Hyaluronic Acid, this serum can help promote hydration and a healthy barrier. Good for all hair types.


Apply daily for best results. This is a leave-in product. Do not rinse out.
Must be applied directly to the scalp.
Can be applied in the am or pm on wet or dry hair.
Do not apply to open wounds and/or broken skin on the scalp.
Start application in your natural part and along your hairline
Press and release the bulb once to fill the glass pipette. Unscrew the cap.
Use short, quick presses to release drops throughout the scalp.
Massage in to help distribute and absorb into the scalp.
SCALP SERUM is skin care inspired. The key is consistent use to see results and absorption. Face serums typically can take anywhere from a 1 minute to a few minutes to absorb and completely dry. Same goes for SCALP SERUM – wait until the serum has completely dried and absorbed before washing hair.
If applying at night you are safe to wash your hair and scalp in the morning. If you apply in the morning you will safe to wash your hair and scalp in the afternoon or evening.