Ouai - Hair Gloss - 177ml

Ouai - Hair Gloss - 177ml

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Enriched with a blend of hyaluronic acid, rice water and panthenol, this in-shower treatment boosts hydration, repair damage and promotes healthy-looking lengths. But, that's not all... with the addition of sugar beets, this hair hero protects your colour meaning your strands look hydrated, healthy and brighter for longer. We guarantee there's no need to book that blow out as you'll have smooth, glossy strands, faster than you can say blow-dry.


For fine/medium/thick hair:

Wash hair with your favourite shampoo. If your hair is on the drier side, apply conditioner and rinse out. If you have fine hair with an oily scalp or oily hair, skip conditioner and use Hair Gloss in place of your conditioner. Separate hair into sections. Evenly distribute a pea-size amount of product between hands. Apply gloss from mid-lengths to ends. Use a pea-size amount for each section of hair. Comb through from roots to ends to ensure an even application. Wait five minutes before rinsing. While your hair may not feel soft immediately after application, it will feel like silk after rinsing. After showering, use a leave-in conditioner if you need a little extra detangling or hydration. For best results, style with heat. Results last for up to three washes.

For curly to coily hair types:

We want you to think of Hair Gloss as an add on to your routine, so follow your typical curly hair routine and once you’ve completed your usual steps (pre-detangled, shampooed, conditioned, etc.) follow the Hair Gloss instructions above to get an extra dose of treatment and shine and really glow all out!

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