Morphe - Coca-cola X Morphe Sweep It Real Brush Collection

QAR 250,00



Your next stunning creation is in your hands with this 7-piece brush collection featuring custom, iconic-red handles. From a sparkling highlight to captivating eyes, these babes definitely play for sweeps.


  1. Glowing Places Highlighter Brush - You’ll be a total fan of not just this detailed brush, but also the shimmering highlight that glows all the way.
  2. High Life Brush - A babe always needs highlighting brush options, right? This super-fluffy brush delivers that big-time glow, just like that.
  3. Made In The Shade Brush - Your new go-to brush was born to lay down that iconic shadow. Grab this shorty for defined color placement and major pigment payoff.
  4. Top Secret Camouflage Brush - Fake that beauty sleep. Cover all your bases. Contour like a pro. Your secret is safe with this multi-tasking babe.
  5. Take Charge Blending Brush - You’ll be best blends forever with this iconic brush that knows how to diffuse any and every look.
  6. Next Move Transition Brush - No look is complete without the perfect transition shade AND the perfect transition brush.
  7. Awe In Smudge Brush - This little brush goes a long way in smoking out that lash line and then some.
  8. Sweep It Real Brush Bag