Makeup By Mario

Makeup By Mario - Master Metal Manipulator

QAR 110,00
  • A versatile mixing agent that can be wielded to transform metallic pigments into metal foils, Makeup by Mario's Master Metal Manipulator is a staple for dialling up the drama with soirée-ready shadows. In the words of Mario himself, “this pro mixing liquid transforms metallic pigments into long-lasting, molten metal shadows and liners to create editorial effects”.

    Meticulously crafted to deliver a luxury and professional make up experience, each formula is informed by one of Mario’s signature techniques and developed using the highest quality ingredients to guarantee unparalleled performance. Designed to be used with the {Master Metals Eyeshadow Palette}, this transformative liquid provides intense grip and impressively lasting colour payoff when mixed with pigment. Plus, it can be pressed on top of lip and brow products to make them transfer-resistant.

    Add a drop of Manipulator™ onto your brush, and then dip it into the shadow of your choice.

    Use the spatula to scrape a bit of Master Metals into the removable mixing well, add a bit of Manipulator™, mix with the spatula or E 4 brush , and watch as the shadow transforms into the pearlised liquid foil.