Makeup By Mario

Makeup By Mario - Master Crystal Reflector - Quartz

QAR 160,00

Inspired by Mario’s love of crystals — each shade is named after one — the Master Crystal Reflector is a prismatic highlighter that adds a sheer veil of sparkles to your look, whether it's on your eyes, cheeks or décolletage.

Meticulously crafted to deliver a luxury and professional make up experience, this palette is informed by Mario’s signature techniques and developed using the highest quality ingredients to guarantee unparalleled performance. As spellbinding in the day as it is in the night, this multi-purpose highlighter illuminates lids and cheeks with a featherweight layer of light-catching sparkle. Available in two luminous shades, have your pick between 'Quartz' (a celestial silver) and 'Citrine' (a warm golden-yellow).