Lanolips - Lano Vanilla Hand Cream Intense

QAR 100,00

A hand cream so perfect - we cloned it into 4 naturally-infused options to transform your hands and nails from very dry to super soft.

A hand cream that is anything but vanilla.

Infused with rich natural Vanilla, this sweet and creamy classic will have you reminiscent of afternoons with an ice-cream cone in hand. We also added Vitamin-E and Shea Butter for a super rich, creamy skin conditioner feel.

With triple lanolin.

We can’t get enough of this superstar-hero-ingredient. Triple lanolin packs a moisture punch to transform even the driest hands and brittle nails to super-soft, deeply & truly hydrated hands & nails. 

The molecular structure of lanolin mimics human oils, so our hand cream leaves a silky veil on your skin for continual moisture without a hint of sliminess.

For very dry hands & nails.

To get the best results, warm the Vanilla + Lanolin Hand Cream between your hands, massage into nail beds, cuticles and skin. Allow the veil to absorb. Use as often as required, especially after washing hands and before bed.