Lanolips - 101 Dry Skin Super Cream

Lanolips - 101 Dry Skin Super Cream

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Parched skin and scaly textures? Not worry, 101 Dry Skin Super Cream has got you covered — literally! Soak up this rich, creamy dream that locks in unbeatable moisture to relieve even the most dehydrated skin instantly.

It’s time to big that dreaded dry ‘winter skin’ goodbye with this super-cream formula that’s designed to restore your once-soft and supple skin. Fusing together triple lanolin — their superstar-superhero ingredient — with the sweetest almond oil and skin-conditioning shea butter, this nourishing mixture repairs broken skin barriers with healing emollients. You deserve softer, smoother skin all year round, even in the harshest weather conditions that can be so damaging for your delicate skin. Suitable for your face and entire body (even the crevices that we forget out about sometimes), this moisture-magnet has just about 101 uses making this an ultimate must-have for your bathroom cabinet.

How to Use:

Massage a layer into the affected area on face and body. Allow the cream to settle into your skin. Best results after 10 minutes when soft, hydrated skin is revealed.

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