Janeke - Superbrush - Pastel Pink

QAR 130,00

Superbrush gently and effectively detangles thanks to its soft tips and its particular patented beehive perforation allows for very quick drying. Also perfect in the shower or with damp hair, to apply the cream and detangle in just a few steps. Very useful for delicate baby hair and on extensions: its soft tips detangle in a super delicate way! The pneumatic base of the brush has a particular patented beehive perforation. The hot air of the hairdryer is thus distributed evenly to dry in a few steps without stressing the hair.

The pneumatic base of the brush consists of a element defined by a particular patented beehive structure.

The dryer’s hot air is in this way distributed evenly over the head and the hair will be ready in just a few moments without drying out or damage.

A hairdo from now on will be super-fast and easy, even for the most rebellious and stubborn hair