Haus Labs

Haus Labs - Triclone™ Skin Tech Concealer Brush

QAR 250,00

The perfect balance of densely packed yet ultra-soft bristles magically melts product onto the skin seamlessly in just a few strokes. Its unique, domed shape mimics the shape of your fingertip, offering unmatched ease, speed and seamless coverage. This expertly engineered brush was designed to optimize your TRICLONE™ SKIN TECH CONCEALER performance.


Product Features :

Sleek aluminum handle

Optimal balance of dense yet luxuriously soft bristles

Unique half-domed shape for precise placement and diffusion

Fingertip-mimicking design for fast, flawless blendability

Created with Kindness: Clean, Cruelty-Free, and Vegan™


How to use :

Working in small sections, gently press concealer anywhere you want to seamlessly conceal, brighten + blur.