Frank Body - Rosehip Body Scrub And Cleanser

Frank Body - Rosehip Body Scrub And Cleanser

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Adding a little rosehip to your frank body babe regime, this vegan scrub and cleanser is brimming with fatty acid-infused coffee seed extract and rosehip oil to improve the appearance of your skin and even out tone in one restorative formula.

Indulge yourself in a little me-time with this exfoliating sugar scrub that melts into a satisfying foamy lather to cleanse away grime and impurities. Just a handful of this sugar crystal exfoliating cleanser is enough to buff away dead skin cells (without irritation we might add), and promote healthier, more youthful skin over time with a little free radical protection from vitamin E. A little one-on-one time with this multitasking body treatment will have you glowing, hydrated and oh-so-soft. Dry patches ruining your summer fun? Jojoba oil banishes stubborn dry spots and keeps you feeling perfectly hydrated and supple. Dull, lacklustre skin? Goji berry extract provides a hefty dose of antioxidants to keep you looking radiant and keeps damaging external aggressors at bay. Available in 100g or a supersize 250g, it's smooth, glowing skin from here on out.

How to Use:

Scoop out a handful of scrub and massage it into your skin using circular motions. Give extra love to areas that want special attention. Think scars, marks, lumps, and bumps. Rub me into a nourishing, foamy lather before rinsing away.

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