Embryolisse - Beauty Oil

QAR 220,00
The new multi-function beauty oil by Embryolisse comforts, protects, and beautifies your hair as well as your face and body skin. It is a paraben-free generous and enveloping skincare made of natural-origin active ingredients.

Beauty Oil blends together the powers of 4 active vegetable oils from natural origins:
Apricot oil: rich in fatty acids and vitamins A&E, apricot kernel oil is renowned for its nourishing and softening properties.
Pomegranate seed oil: its Omega 5 and essential fatty acids content gives the beauty oil a strong regenerating and hydrating power.
Shea oil: derived from shea butter, it retains its film-forming and protective properties while being more fluid and better absorbed by the skin.
Lemon oil: full of essential fatty acids, this extract has powerful anti-dehydrating and softening effects.
Not only intensely hydrated, deeply nourished and continuously protected, the skin also regains and retains its softness. It is supple and radiant with a genuine satin effect. Additionally, Beauty Oil texture is dry, fine and non-greasy. It leaves a satin veil on the skin. The oil smells the same subtle and delicate floral fragrance as the Lait-Créme Concentré.

How to apply the dry oil:
Just like Embryolisse’s cult moisturizer Lait-Crème Concentré, Beauty Oil is a miracle multi-purpose nourishing and moisturizing skin care.

Face moisturizing routine: Apply a few drops or mixed with your cream, for a nourishing and protective action.
Body oil routine to sublimate the tan and give a satin glow to the skin. Apply morning and evening directly to the body by massages, emphasizing the driest areas: legs, lower back, back of arms and thighs.
Hand care routine: warm the oil very slightly and perform massage in the evening, before bedtime.
Haircare routine, for the most gentle care: Use one or two drops morning and evening on the tips of your hair, before styling. It protects the lengths from rubbing and drying out