Embryolisse - Active Night Peeling

QAR 250,00
Active Night Peeling skincare gently but effectively stimulates the skin’s natural exfoliating process overnight thanks to a fruit acid from caviar lemon. From the moment you wake up, your skin is softer. Night after night, the skin’s texture is refined, and the complexion is fresh and radiant. A real “new skin” effect skincare that naturally provides a new-found radiance.

Super smoothing active ingredient: new natural AHA and unctuous and original combination of oils, butter, and wax:

Microdosed lemon caviar extract
Macadamia oils
Shea butter
Argan & macadamia oils: nourishes and softens
Shea butter: moisturizes and regenerates
Beeswax: protects
The combination of natural ingredients favors a gentle and efficient exfoliation with smoothing action and revives radiance. The skin tolerance is very good (proven under dermatological control)

100% sensitive skin

Easy to use: At Night
Every night, all year round, the skin is gently renewed. In the morning the skin is softer and has a newfound radiant glow. The Active Night Peeling has an ultra-gentle formula for daily use, all year round, even for sensitive skin

Use daily with Active Water.