Colour Me - Original Applicator In Pink

Colour Me - Original Applicator In Pink - Mhalaty

Colour Me - Original Applicator In Pink

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Discover the secret to makeup that's flawless in a flash. With 250 sonic taps per second, Color Me allows women to tap on their foundation and powder just like the professionals do. The result: smooth, award-winning coverage that lasts all day.

Color Me sponges buff foundation smoothly for award winning, long-lasting coverage  even in hard-to-reach areas like around the nose and eyes. The sponge tip achieves remarkable precision for clean lines around the lips, eyebrows, and up to the hairline.

Sponges are latex-free and hypoallergenic.



Firmly attach sponge onto the Color Me sponge mount and apply foundation directly to sponge. With powder foundation, use the plush sponge and pat it directly into your powder compact or lid of your jar. Shake off any excess powder. You can also use this sponge for full coverage with BB cream or liquid foundation.

Use the firm sponge for light natural coverage with traditional liquid foundation, BB and CC cream. With liquids and BB creams, be sure to season the fresh sponge i.e. cover it with a full coat of BB cream or foundation then add another pump.

With moisturized skin, firmly push button to activate device's sonic tapping action. Starting at cheek, move device in gentle sweeping motions. It is not necessary to rub or press hard. Blend jawline, upward to forehead, and hairline. Use narrow tip for nose, eye and lip areas. To build coverage, reapply foundation to sponge and repeat.

Color Me sponges are hygienic and disposable. Suggested replacement every 7-10 uses for sensitive skin. Sponges last up to 30 days if patted with alcohol or an alcohol-based cleaner or wipe after every few uses. Do not soak.



  • 1 Applicator Device
  • 1 Universal Coverage (Powder or Liquid) Sponge
  • 1 Natural Coverage Sponge for Liquid Foundation
  • 1 CR2032 Battery
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