Coco & Eve

Coco & Eve - Sunny Honey Self Tan Medium Travel Kit

QAR 210,00

Self Tan Medium Travel Kit contains:
- Bali Bronzing Foam 50ml
- Soft Velvet Mitt

No streaks, no bad smells, no stress with Coco & Eve's Bali Bronzing Foam! Their Unique Cellushape?? formula is infused with raw virgin coconuts, botanicals and amino acids to hydrate and firm skin.

With a green-grey base, you'll get a natural-looking golden glow with no orangey tones in an allergen-free formula.

Coco & Eve's hypoallergenic Soft Velvet Mitt helps with the application of the tan to ensure that the formula is evenly spread and doesn't gather on dry areas of the skin.

Cellushape?? helps to soften the skin and supports younger and firmer looking skin.


- On dry skin apply the bronzing foam using Coco & Eve's soft velvet mitt in circular motions.
- Allow to develop for a minimum of two hours, or overnight for a deeper tan.
- Rinse off and gently pat skin dry.
- Moisturise daily to maintain results.