Coco & Eve - Microfibre Towel Wrap Leaf Print

Coco & Eve - Microfibre Towel Wrap Leaf Print

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This soft, super water-absorbent microfibre Coco & Eve Microfibre Towel Wrap Leaf Print dries hair quickly & easily, drastically reducing blow dry time.

Combats frizz, friction & fly-aways from regular towels. Protects sheets when sleeping with Coco & Eve's hair masque in overnight.



1. Hold the Towel Wrap with both hands with the button facing upwards.
2. Tip head and hair forwards and position around the back of the head until the Towel Wrap is fully covering the hair.
3. Gather hair inside the towel wrap and twist the front section several times into a coil.
4. Bring the twist round to the nape of the neck and loop the elastic around the button.

For an intense boost of hydration, apply Coco & Eve Super Nourishing Coconut & Fig Hair Masque to hair and cover with this Coco & Eve Microfibre Towel Wrap for several hours (or even overnight) before rinsing and styling as usual.

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