Shadow Shields

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Shadow Shields

QAR 50

Make your peepers pop and look alive with this Shadow Shields The Original eye shadow tool. This product is made to help you create that beautiful cat eye. It features a smudge free formula that helps your look last longer. These eye shadow makeup application shields protect the under eye area from product fallout. It also helps create a straight edge.

Shadow Shields The Original Eye Shadow Makeup Application Shields:†

  • Helps perfect winged cat eye
  • Protects under eye area from eye shadow fallout
  • Creates straight edge for shadow
  • Shadow Shields makeup aids in perfecting lipstick application
  • The original ultimate multi-tasking beauty tool

Helpful Tips

  • Remove only top corners to apply.
  • If more adhesion is needed, remove entire top strip. If less adhesion is needed, try patting the back on something sanitary and then apply.
  • Application of shield doesnâ‑t have to be directly on lash line- it can be applied under the bulge of the eye or wherever most comfortable.
  • When applying shield, allow backing to crease-it will form a small lip, helping to catch the fallout!
Please allow about 1-2 business days for delivery In Qatar only .
You may return new, unworn or unused products within fourteen (14) days of delivery with delivery charge paid by customer (you can not exchange any beauty products) .

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