Luxie - Luminous Face Set

Luxie - Luminous Face Set

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A gorgeous must have, these 4 glided face brushes will allow customers to create essential, everyday looks with ease. Exclusively designed to apply powder, foundation, bronzer, and blush products.

LUXIE 120 Detail Round Blender - Use this brush rounded head to apply and blend out your favorite cream eyeshadow base to hard to reach areas of your face or primer to your eyelids.

LUXIE 502 Large Powder - Use this fluffy powder brush with your favorite powder (loose/pressed) to quickly and evenly set your face for a seamless, finished look

LUXIE 504 Large Angled - Use this angled brush to evenly apply your favorite powder blush, bronzer or contouring products onto your cheekbones for accentuation or into the hollows of your cheeks for a defined face beyond mythical proportions.

LUXIE 530 Flat Top Kabuki - Use this brush flat top design to apply your favorite foundation (cream/liquid) or powder (loose/pressed) to set your face with ease.

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