Laneige - Heating & Clean Duo

Laneige - Heating & Clean Duo - Mhalaty

Laneige - Heating & Clean Duo

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  • Like a spring clean for blackhead-heavy complexions, the Heating & Clean Duo gently melts hard sebum from deep within pores for clearer, even skin.

    Ideal for mild problem patches, this hard-working couplet helps to diminish the look of blackheads – preventing them from getting worse, clearing pores and keeping oil-slick complexions perfectly balanced. First, the Heating Gel melts any tough-to-remove hard sebum – swiftly pulling it away and out of pores. Then the Clay Mask effectively absorbs the melted sebum – clearing it and removing it from the surface of your skin – so that it can’t cause any more chaos. If your complexion is tired or excessively oily – or if you’re struggling with enlarged pores – this double act will soothe, clear and tighten with LANEIGE Pore Refining Technology, joined by a handy applicator that negates the need for hands and helps you to treat any hard-to-reach contours.


    Step one: melt sebum

    After cleansing and towel-drying the face, evenly apply the heating gel on the T-Zone with pores and excessive sebum.

    Rub skin with the applicator until a warm feel is generated to soften the sebum inside and outside pores.

    To remove residue completely, wash off with lukewarm water (or tissue) and towel-dry the face.

    Step two: clean

    After wiping off the heating gel, evenly apply the clay mask on dry skin and let it dry so that sebum is absorbed completely.

    To remove residue completely, wash off with lukewarm water and towel-dry skin.

    Use toner as a finishing touch.

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