About Face - Matte Fix Spray Priming And Setting Spray - 100ml

QAR 220,00

you’re always on the hunt for a multitasking make up collection staple, look no further than about-face’s Matte Fix Spray which not only primes skin for a flawless base application, but also helps to set it all in place too.

Housed in a chic, all-black bottle, this fine spray is best applied using the brand’s Blend Tool; simply mist onto the sponge and press into skin or over the top of make up to lock it in all day long. A conditioning blend of humectants will lock in moisture, balancing oil control and preventing you from becoming crack-an-egg-on-your-forehead shiny by lunch — while the formula is infused with a cleverly mattifying powder that blurs the appearance of pores, blemishes and fine lines for a fabulously flawless finish.

How to Use:

Use before makeup to prep skin, or after to set your look. For best results, don’t spray directly onto skin.

Step 1: Vigorously shake to mix the special blurring powders.

Step 2: Spray on Blend Tool (or your favourite make up sponge) and gently tap onto skin.