Frequently Asked Questions

How can I order from the website?

You can open an account or order as a guest, choose the products you want to order along with the quantity and then add them to the cart list and complete the purchase process by entering your personal information, payment method and complete the purchase process up to the last step.

What are the payment methods on the website?

At the moment you can choose cash on delivery only.

Are there any discounts or offers when buying big quantities?

There are no discounts when buying big quantities or any offers.

Can I cancel or modify the order?

You can cancel the order and modify it if the order does not come out for delivery, only by contacting or calling the Customer Service.

Can I return the order?

Unfortunately you cannot return the order especially for the cosmetic products but you can replace the product within 14 days – for non-cosmetic products, – (refer to Terms and Conditions).

How long does it take to replace the product?

The replacement period is 14 days from the payment of the delivery fee, with the following remarks:
- The goods shall be in their new condition, unused or open.
- It must contain all of its parts and accessories and its own box.
- For returning please contact us via the email or phone.
- Cosmetic products, cannot be replaced.

Can we inspect the goods or do you have any showroom?

As an online shopping website we do not have any store or place to allow inspection of the goods but you must read the description under the product carefully before ordering.

How long does it take to deliver an order?

In general, the order shall be delivered within 24 hour inside Qatar, where the order can be delivered in the same day if ordered before 16:00 Doha time.

Can I receive the order and try it before payment?

You cannot receive the order before paying and you cannot open any cosmetic products because of hygiene reasons.

What will happen if I receive damaged or wrong goods?

You can contact us to replace the damaged or wrong goods to replace them or to get the missing items in the order provided that your order number shall be stated in the email while communicating with the customer service.

Why should I verify the phone number when I order?

The phone number recorded in the order shall be confirmed by you through phone call or message by us, so please provide us with a valid number, if the call is not answered, the request shall be cancelled within 3 days.

Are all brands Authentic?

All brands we provide are 100% authentic and we are keen to provide all brands from the parent company or the authorized distributors.

The product I want is not in stock. How can I get it?

You can register your email in the notify section to receive a message when the desired product is available.