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Stridex, Single-Step Acne Control, Maximum, Alcohol Free, 55 Soft Touch Pads

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Stridex Single-Step Acne Control Maximum Alcohol-Free Soft Touch Pads provide triple the action for the strongest non-prescription treatment available. They unclog pores and dissolve deep-down oil, removing what cleansers and soaps leave behind. Stridex Soft Touch pads also clear up existing pimples and help eliminate blackheads with salicylic acid, which is a proven acne medication. These Stridex pads help prevent breakouts before they start so skin maintains a clear appearance. Light on skin, they provide an effective treatment without unnecessary irritation. Each pad is specially textured for thorough cleansing with a gentle and comfortable feel. They are also completely alcohol-free so you get proven acne-fighting effectiveness without the burn.Whether you want scrubbing or smooth, soft application, this pad is up to the task.

  • Highest level of acne control available without a prescription
  • Maximum effectiveness in the fight against acne
  • Stridex soft touch pads contain 2% salicylic acid
  • Keratolytic action helps unclog pores
  • Effective cleansing system removes dirt and oil
  • Dissolves deep down oil left behind by soaps and cleaners
  • Clears up existing pimples and blackheads
  • Helps prevent breakouts before they start
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